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Stretchy Comfy Man's Pantyhose - the ComfiLon 560 review

Are you a guy who has thought about trying on a pair of pantyhose but feel uncomfortable wearing woman's pantyhose?  Have you been wearing light support woman's pantyhose and feeling like trying something made for men? Well ComfiLon ACTIVESKIN©  has the hose for you.

While not a brand new style after nearly a year on the market, they are a premier style developed one by the godfather of man's pantyhose - Steven Katz of ComfiLon ActivSkin ©. Do you like the sensation of wearing pantyhose but want or need a little support? These were released to the public in August of 2009. While experimenting with new fabrics trying to replace an old favorite which had lost its manufacturer Steve found this wonderfully stretchy fabric. They became an instant hit with his regular customers. These should be his cornerstone style of pantyhose. 

I had been hearing about these for a month before finally ordering them for the first time, so when I received that express mail package, It was like Christmas day. Pulling them out of the packaging, I could feel these were different from the ones I had been wearing. The high Lycra content makes these hose very stretchy, leg hugging and silky smooth. When I pulled them on I loved the way they felt. If you like the old Leggs Sheer Energy Support, you will love these! They have a moderate level of support about like the Leggs Active support and just feel great on your legs. The 560's are a semi-opaque, sheer to waist style of pantyhose without reinforcement in either the toes or brief.  The feel is actually somewhere between pantyhose and opaque tights. They have a nice wide waist band that helps keep them in place. The glide factor under trousers is very good with little to no perceivable friction.
I am not convinced that the support in the 560's is truly graduated. The legs are tube sock like, the same size from the crotch to the toe and seem to have the same pressure level through out. Still, I enjoy wearing these so much that I don't ever want to take them off when I get in bed at night. If you like to sleep in hose these are great for doing that as they are not a high compression level and they are very comfortable on the legs. They have a cushy, luxurious feel to them. I really like to take a shower and put these on after a long day on my feet at work and relax. The 560's seem to have a certain recuperative effect to them.

They are available in three colors: black, tan and beige and four sizes. The sizes are said to fit men of all sizes. The colors are acceptable for my sun tanned complexion. As I mentioned previously they are semi-opaque and are very close to being labeled tights. I have worn them in all sorts of weather while performing my day  job where I spend a good part of the time outside in the elements. I have worn them under my Dickie pants to work in 30°F in January and 95°F in July and always remain as comfortable as could be expected. I have never wished that I did not have them on no mater what the weather.  Cold and windy to hot and humid the 560's perform admirably.  They dry fast and seem to have a good moisture wicking property.
The brief is a regular sheer brief, but these stay up and in place pretty well if your legs are at least partially shaved. The fabric is the same from the toes to the waist except for the gusset panel of nylon and cotton. The seams are a round seam but not uncomfortable. They do not contain any special male comfort panel or fly but they do seem to fit better and are a little bit less restricting in the groin than typical woman's pantyhose. Once in a while I get a pinch in the groin area and have to readjust. Overall these are very a comfortable product that once you have them on; you won’t want to take them off.

One thing that I learned about them after going through a few pairs is if you are anywhere close to the next size on the size charts you should order the size larger. This will help extend the wear of the hose especially around the gusset seams. Purchasing a size that is smaller will always results in premature failure of any tights or pantyhose. Hand washing in Hosiery Mate will also dramatically improve the durability of these pantyhose. I suggest getting some. If you wear pantyhose and don’t wash them in Hosiery Mate from new you are throwing your money away.

These have been my favorite pantyhose to wear since I first tried them almost a year ago, and I really think Mr. Katz has a real winner here. This fabric is so nice and comforting that they are a real pleasure to wear. I'd like to see a shaped leg with a reinforced heel,  true graduated compression a reinforced brief with a comfort area free of seams. The majority of failures that I have had with these hose are in the crotch / gusset area. Still the durability of these exceeds by far any of the comparable woman’s products that I have tried. For me the positives far exceed any weaknesses so I recommend you try them if you have not. They have remained one of my favorite man's pantyhose to wear to this day. 

To obtain 560’s of your own you can go to in the United States or in Europe. They are available world wide from other suppliers. 

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