Monday, July 26, 2010

Comfort4Men Compression Pantyhose For The Modern Man

I received a pair of Comfort4Men’s “compression pantyhose for the modern man” for review. 
The package is very nicely done full color picture of the product with a black background. The package is actually shown on the start page of the website. The first thing that you notice taking them out of the package is the wide flat seams with black stitching and the black spandex down the middle of the front of the brief with the Comfort4Men logo.

These hose have the appearance of a men's athletic garment similar to the athletic tights from Under Armor or Nike but lighter. They feature flat seams and the most cleverly designed male comfort panel ever produced. A low rise version is available for guys like me that wear our pants on our hips. You have the option of a fly or no fly and a choice of colors. They are available in a 140 denier and 70 denier weight. 140 denier = 18-20 mmHg 70 denier = 12-15 mmHg. The pair I received was a size 5 flesh tone, high rise waist in 140 denier weight. 140 denier makes them sound thick or heavy but the legs are very light and airy and provide an accurate level of support.  
The 140 denier are 78 % nylon 22 % spandex and the 70 denier are 83% nylon 17% spandex.

Pulling these on my size 9.5 foot slid perfectly into place and there was plenty of toe room. The legs are fitted and include a reinforced heel and toes for extra durability. It is almost impossible to get the leg twisted as can happen with the tube sock style legs of cheaper brands. The fitted leg pulls on easily and the graduated compression provides the proper support from ankle to hip.
The 140 denier leg fabric is very sheer with an open weave which allows terrific airflow and also allows perspiration to pass through and not be trapped against the skin like other athletic support tights. During my trial period of over one month I wore these every other day alternating with my favorite pair of another brand of men's pantyhose. I wore them at work as a field service technician on 12 to 18 hour days here in coastal Virginia where we have been experiencing a very warm and humid heat spell. I wore them on many days where the heat factor exceeded 100° Fahrenheit / 38 Celsius. My legs never felt any warmer than any other part of my body due to the open weave of the leg fabric. They actually produce a good evaporative cooling effect if you are a little sweaty from the temperatures or exertion and if there is any breeze at all. Once in place these tights did not move. There was no sliding down or looseness even after a very strenuous 18 hour work day. The overall comfort and support level of these is very good. I might wear a pair of tights over these in cooler weather to stay warm. Possibly they will develop an opaque version with a tighter weave, that would be nice also for cooler weather.

The crotch gusset is made of a fine Micro touch Oeko-tex 100 certified nylon. The Oeko-tex certification means that the fabric contains no skin irritating dyes or chemicals. The pouch that is formed in the perfect spot very gently lifts and supports without restricting, compressing or pinching in any way. Other “male comfort panel” pantyhose I have worn the panel is too large and often end up with a seam an inch or so down on my inner thigh which is not very comfortable. The panel on these is sized perfectly so that the seam which is very unobtrusive falls on the part of the inner thigh where the leg pivots which feels much better to myself.  You can choose flesh tone or black. The black abdomen panel stretches only one direction, up and down not side to side so that a consistent amount of tension is maintained in the brief without crushing your man parts. The high rise style would be much easier to deal with a fly but I received these before they released the fly option. The waist band did not roll when they were pulled up properly but I still cannot wait to get the low rise version. If you are a fan of higher waist briefs you should like the ones I tried here.

The flesh color of the tights I received is a little too beige for my North American sun tanned skin, this is not a major issue for me but I really would like to see a suntan color. If you are fair skinned they should be almost invisible as there does not seem to be a lot of shine to these. I have ordered a couple of pair of the black low rise version, one with a fly and one without. I will review these in a future post. I would think the fly would be very helpful in the high waist version. 

The store is now in English and the product is available in Europe at this time. Distribution in America is still being worked out so Americans will have to wait just a little longer.You can check out the extensive web site at Comfort4Men

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  1. Well, I bought one in 70 denier. It suits me very well. Much better than other support pantyhose. The brief is not so sexy, but the legs are and feel like any other very good pantyhose.
    I like them, as long as I can afford them ;-)


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