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Stretchy Comfy Man's Pantyhose - the ComfiLon 560 review

Are you a guy who has thought about trying on a pair of pantyhose but feel uncomfortable wearing woman's pantyhose?  Have you been wearing light support woman's pantyhose and feeling like trying something made for men? Well ComfiLon ACTIVESKIN©  has the hose for you.

While not a brand new style after nearly a year on the market, they are a premier style developed one by the godfather of man's pantyhose - Steven Katz of ComfiLon ActivSkin ©. Do you like the sensation of wearing pantyhose but want or need a little support? These were released to the public in August of 2009. While experimenting with new fabrics trying to replace an old favorite which had lost its manufacturer Steve found this wonderfully stretchy fabric. They became an instant hit with his regular customers. These should be his cornerstone style of pantyhose. 

I had been hearing about these for a month before finally ordering them for the first time, so when I received that express mail package, It was like Christmas day. Pulling them out of the packaging, I could feel these were different from the ones I had been wearing. The high Lycra content makes these hose very stretchy, leg hugging and silky smooth. When I pulled them on I loved the way they felt. If you like the old Leggs Sheer Energy Support, you will love these! They have a moderate level of support about like the Leggs Active support and just feel great on your legs. The 560's are a semi-opaque, sheer to waist style of pantyhose without reinforcement in either the toes or brief.  The feel is actually somewhere between pantyhose and opaque tights. They have a nice wide waist band that helps keep them in place. The glide factor under trousers is very good with little to no perceivable friction.
I am not convinced that the support in the 560's is truly graduated. The legs are tube sock like, the same size from the crotch to the toe and seem to have the same pressure level through out. Still, I enjoy wearing these so much that I don't ever want to take them off when I get in bed at night. If you like to sleep in hose these are great for doing that as they are not a high compression level and they are very comfortable on the legs. They have a cushy, luxurious feel to them. I really like to take a shower and put these on after a long day on my feet at work and relax. The 560's seem to have a certain recuperative effect to them.

They are available in three colors: black, tan and beige and four sizes. The sizes are said to fit men of all sizes. The colors are acceptable for my sun tanned complexion. As I mentioned previously they are semi-opaque and are very close to being labeled tights. I have worn them in all sorts of weather while performing my day  job where I spend a good part of the time outside in the elements. I have worn them under my Dickie pants to work in 30°F in January and 95°F in July and always remain as comfortable as could be expected. I have never wished that I did not have them on no mater what the weather.  Cold and windy to hot and humid the 560's perform admirably.  They dry fast and seem to have a good moisture wicking property.
The brief is a regular sheer brief, but these stay up and in place pretty well if your legs are at least partially shaved. The fabric is the same from the toes to the waist except for the gusset panel of nylon and cotton. The seams are a round seam but not uncomfortable. They do not contain any special male comfort panel or fly but they do seem to fit better and are a little bit less restricting in the groin than typical woman's pantyhose. Once in a while I get a pinch in the groin area and have to readjust. Overall these are very a comfortable product that once you have them on; you won’t want to take them off.

One thing that I learned about them after going through a few pairs is if you are anywhere close to the next size on the size charts you should order the size larger. This will help extend the wear of the hose especially around the gusset seams. Purchasing a size that is smaller will always results in premature failure of any tights or pantyhose. Hand washing in Hosiery Mate will also dramatically improve the durability of these pantyhose. I suggest getting some. If you wear pantyhose and don’t wash them in Hosiery Mate from new you are throwing your money away.

These have been my favorite pantyhose to wear since I first tried them almost a year ago, and I really think Mr. Katz has a real winner here. This fabric is so nice and comforting that they are a real pleasure to wear. I'd like to see a shaped leg with a reinforced heel,  true graduated compression a reinforced brief with a comfort area free of seams. The majority of failures that I have had with these hose are in the crotch / gusset area. Still the durability of these exceeds by far any of the comparable woman’s products that I have tried. For me the positives far exceed any weaknesses so I recommend you try them if you have not. They have remained one of my favorite man's pantyhose to wear to this day. 

To obtain 560’s of your own you can go to in the United States or in Europe. They are available world wide from other suppliers. 

Monday, July 26, 2010

Comfort4Men Compression Pantyhose For The Modern Man

I received a pair of Comfort4Men’s “compression pantyhose for the modern man” for review. 
The package is very nicely done full color picture of the product with a black background. The package is actually shown on the start page of the website. The first thing that you notice taking them out of the package is the wide flat seams with black stitching and the black spandex down the middle of the front of the brief with the Comfort4Men logo.

These hose have the appearance of a men's athletic garment similar to the athletic tights from Under Armor or Nike but lighter. They feature flat seams and the most cleverly designed male comfort panel ever produced. A low rise version is available for guys like me that wear our pants on our hips. You have the option of a fly or no fly and a choice of colors. They are available in a 140 denier and 70 denier weight. 140 denier = 18-20 mmHg 70 denier = 12-15 mmHg. The pair I received was a size 5 flesh tone, high rise waist in 140 denier weight. 140 denier makes them sound thick or heavy but the legs are very light and airy and provide an accurate level of support.  
The 140 denier are 78 % nylon 22 % spandex and the 70 denier are 83% nylon 17% spandex.

Pulling these on my size 9.5 foot slid perfectly into place and there was plenty of toe room. The legs are fitted and include a reinforced heel and toes for extra durability. It is almost impossible to get the leg twisted as can happen with the tube sock style legs of cheaper brands. The fitted leg pulls on easily and the graduated compression provides the proper support from ankle to hip.
The 140 denier leg fabric is very sheer with an open weave which allows terrific airflow and also allows perspiration to pass through and not be trapped against the skin like other athletic support tights. During my trial period of over one month I wore these every other day alternating with my favorite pair of another brand of men's pantyhose. I wore them at work as a field service technician on 12 to 18 hour days here in coastal Virginia where we have been experiencing a very warm and humid heat spell. I wore them on many days where the heat factor exceeded 100° Fahrenheit / 38 Celsius. My legs never felt any warmer than any other part of my body due to the open weave of the leg fabric. They actually produce a good evaporative cooling effect if you are a little sweaty from the temperatures or exertion and if there is any breeze at all. Once in place these tights did not move. There was no sliding down or looseness even after a very strenuous 18 hour work day. The overall comfort and support level of these is very good. I might wear a pair of tights over these in cooler weather to stay warm. Possibly they will develop an opaque version with a tighter weave, that would be nice also for cooler weather.

The crotch gusset is made of a fine Micro touch Oeko-tex 100 certified nylon. The Oeko-tex certification means that the fabric contains no skin irritating dyes or chemicals. The pouch that is formed in the perfect spot very gently lifts and supports without restricting, compressing or pinching in any way. Other “male comfort panel” pantyhose I have worn the panel is too large and often end up with a seam an inch or so down on my inner thigh which is not very comfortable. The panel on these is sized perfectly so that the seam which is very unobtrusive falls on the part of the inner thigh where the leg pivots which feels much better to myself.  You can choose flesh tone or black. The black abdomen panel stretches only one direction, up and down not side to side so that a consistent amount of tension is maintained in the brief without crushing your man parts. The high rise style would be much easier to deal with a fly but I received these before they released the fly option. The waist band did not roll when they were pulled up properly but I still cannot wait to get the low rise version. If you are a fan of higher waist briefs you should like the ones I tried here.

The flesh color of the tights I received is a little too beige for my North American sun tanned skin, this is not a major issue for me but I really would like to see a suntan color. If you are fair skinned they should be almost invisible as there does not seem to be a lot of shine to these. I have ordered a couple of pair of the black low rise version, one with a fly and one without. I will review these in a future post. I would think the fly would be very helpful in the high waist version. 

The store is now in English and the product is available in Europe at this time. Distribution in America is still being worked out so Americans will have to wait just a little longer.You can check out the extensive web site at Comfort4Men

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Comfort4Men Site Now in English

Just found out that the Comfort4Men site is now translated in English for those of you who are interested. Now you can read all about these innovative new style of men's compression legwear if you don't read German. I'm anxiously awaiting a sample pair to review. Should be here any day now.  See it at

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Future of Men's Legwear Part 1

I have glimpsed the future and it is very good! Check these out.

Got a newsletter from e-Mancipate today that mentioned a new brand of men's pantyhose. Comfort4Men is the name and check these out.  They feature a special groin area designed specifically for a man's anatomy. They appear to have a built in fly although it is not mentioned on the website.  Update June/08/10 There is not a fly in these as part of the current design. There will be future styles of the Comfort4Men hose so stay tuned.  These tights are a full support that are available in at least to levels of compression and multiple color variations. The website is currently only available in German but I received an email response from Angelika Weiss who said they are working on an English version currently.
I am looking forward to getting a pair or three of these for a trial. I will do a full review soon as I do. You can see them for yourself at 
One thing is  sure, there is no mistaking these for a female garment.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

It Is About Fashion Freedom

Some might ask why would a man want to wear tights. 
Well, why would a woman want to wear blue jeans? 
Why do guys wear flannel shirts? 
Why does a 300 pound lady wear spandex?
Why not? 
Why should you or I or the Fashion Police have the right to tell anyone what they can or cannot wear?
If it's wrong or weird or embarrassing for a man to wear a piece of clothing just because it has recently been associated with mostly being women’s wear, then it also must be wrong for a woman to wear a piece of clothing that has been associated with mostly men's wear, right?
What about ball caps, blue jeans, sweat shirts, boxers, cowboy boots, jacket and pants suits, biker jackets?
Wait a minute... Women have been wearing all those things for quite a while now. As a matter of fact, tights and stockings were actually borrowed from men. We've worn tights for 1000 years or more. Way back in the Middle Ages men wore tights and shorts.  Check out the legs on King Charles.
Should a woman who wears anything other than a long skirt or dress be laughed at or made fun of? For centuries it was wrong. It was considered scandalous for a woman to show any leg at all.
Of course it should not be wrong for anyone to wear tights or whatever they are comfortable wearing. This is the twenty first century AD we’ve come a long way in that time.
Slavery is no longer an acceptable practice.
Gay and Lesbian people are accepted as a part of society.
We have quit oppressing someone just because they're different haven't we?
We don't judge a book by its cover. Do we?
Let's take a step foreword whether your legs are covered by tights, pantyhose or they’re bare.
Life is short. Stand up and don't ever be ashamed to be yourself and wear tights weather you are a man or woman.
Everybody’s got legs.

So wear your tights, pantyhose, mantyhose, Activskins, stockings, or whatever you call them with pride. 
You have a right. 

Thursday, March 11, 2010

e-MANcipate is back!

After several weeks off line the web site is back on line. Chan has written some new articles and it is obvious he has been working hard to improve the site. He has a registration link where you can sign up to get updates.  There is an article encouraging readers to open your own tights shop. Lots of research went into this article there is some good information in there for the entrepreneur male tights wearer.
There is an article on Christopher James "Mantyhose Magician" a graphic artist from North Carolina who introduces us to a new male tights / pantyhose term "leg gear".
Then there is also a new article on Steve Newman entitled "From Civil Engineering to Mantyhose". Steve has become one of the most popular men's tights / pantyhose advocates since he made the career change about a year ago.Come on Steve! When you doin' Oprah?
Check out the new site there is a lot of stuff there!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Top 10 Internet Sites For Men's Tights and Pantyhose

In no particular order I have listed the 10 best internet sites for information on men’s legwear. Some of these are suppliers, others are forums for discussing men's pantyhose and tights. Let me know which are your favorites.

ComfiLon's® ACTIVSKIN® Legwear for Men
Steve Katz denies being the first but ComfiLon® was definitely one of the earliest that is still around. This is still one of the best places to go on the internet to purchase men's legwear. Started in 1998 with just a few styles they now have dozens. New styles are being added all the time. ComfiLon® is also the United States distributer for the Gerbe brand line of men's legwear. Other products like briefs, night shirts and other men’s lingerie are available there also. ComfiLon® also has their own line of men's lingerie. Online catalogue ordering and excellent customer support. They ship discreetly through express mail with nothing on the package indicating what is inside.

The first time I seriously checked this site out was when I began researching for this article. Shapings® started in 1995 as a brick and mortar store in Burlington Ontario by Robert and Nicole Safko. Originally opened as a friendly little shop where women could go to get professionally fitted and purchase quality braziers. A web site was launched in 2000. They found that the majority of their on-line demand was for their quality European hosiery. Now they are a worldwide presence on the internet with 22 styles of Men’s pantyhose, tights and knee-high’s and 14 styles of underwear. There are more than 400 to choose styles to chose from 25 quality European manufacturers of I got a chance to talk to Robert as he called me in response to an email I had sent him. He expressed his desire to sell nothing but the finest quality men’s legwear as he stated, "I don't put anything on my web site that I wouldn't wear myself". The site is also known for its innovative photography. Not satisfied with stock manufacturer pictures of product, they have their own artistic display photography. Check out the “Alternate Image” pictures. 

Geraden’s Blog

This was one of the first blogs that advocated men wearing tights and pantyhose. Many great articles, letters and personal stories are contained on this site. This is a very interactive source of information for men’s legwear. Geraden has always been open to contribution from frequent visitors to the site.

The Nylon Gene Men’s Legwear Blogsite

Steve Newman's blog, with articles, stories, audio and video files discussing and advocating men's legwear. In the last year Steve has gone from civil engineer to marketing director for Comfilon ActivSkin®. In that time he has become one of the most active and outspoken in the men’s legwear advocacy world. Steve has recently become free-lance once again as he is apparently not employed by Comfilon at this time. Steve has become one of the leaders in the men’s legwear world.

e-MANcipate! Project pantyhose for men

Just updated and remodeled the e-MANcipate site has become the most quoted sources of information and pictures of men's pantyhose on the net. The new pictures on this site show off the new Emilio Cavallini unisex tights. Chan Kraemer has created a site that has become the cutting edge place to go for people outside of the men’s legwear world to go for information. You can subscribe to the site newsletter and keep up with the latest news and goings on. If you have not checked out this site lately, you should. The new and improved version is cleaner and easier to navigate.


The First and Only UK On-line Store Exclusively Dedicated to Legwear for MEN! Over the last few years they have been developing their own brand of men's legwear. here are 77 products from 10 different manufacturers listed on this site. New styles are arriving all the time. Nearly all of the garments here are specifically men’s with just a few unisex. According to Darrell Robinson, General Manager,” We find (from customers comments and questions) that many male wearers object to wearing women's tights, but are perfectly OK with wearing as long as they are men's”. You won’t find any women’s products on this site. You will find Men’s tights, sheer tights(pantyhose), shorts, kilts, briefs, leggings, bodywear. If you want the latest, most up to date and widest selection of legwear designed strictly for men this is a great place to go.


The longest running forum on the internet for English speaking men to go to discuss men wearing tights and pantyhose as normal clothing. Not a cross-dressing site at all. Those kinds of posts are not even allowed. This is a great place to visit for information and general encouragement for men wearing tights and pantyhose. If you are a man who wears or are considering wearing you will find lots of support with this group. It has become a gathering place for guys and a few gals to discuss related issues exchange ideas and encourage each other. Discussion of wearing pantyhose or tights with shorts in public is a popular topic. While heavily influenced by Steve Katz of Comfilon, you can find reviews and discussion of many different brands at this site.

I have not yet purchased anything from this company but I plan to. As the name suggests, they offer a multitude of tights of every color and style. 30 day return policy and a $5 flat rate shipping in the USA. They made this list due to their Men’s Tights section. They also have a forum at where you can get lots of additional information on new and existing products.

“If you are seeking an amazing collection of European pantyhose, consider, your one-stop source for exclusive European pantyhose and information on everything hosiery “ I discovered LuxeLegwear a couple of years ago and have had great service every time I have ordered anything. LuxeLegwear has 19 male products from 4 manufacturers. They ship in very discrete packaging with only a return address shown on the return label and nothing indicating its contents. LuxeLegwear is based in Atlanta Georgia, USA


From their Men’s Page “Please don’t expect fetish stuff. On this page: Pantyhose for men are worn all over the world by average males”. This is a quote from the German legwear website. HOSIERIA was established in 2003 known under the name of and was renamed to HOSIERIA in 2004. 112 products including Socks, leggings, tights and underwear for men are sold there. Women’s and children’s garments are also available from this supplier. HOSIERIA sells products from 35 different manufacturers. 6 manufacturers with specifically male lines of hosiery are displayed. Very little reference is made to gender in any of their product descriptions. The site can easily be viewed in English and German languages by clicking the flag icon near the top of the page. Prices for their products are available in 10 different currencies by choosing from a drop down list.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Review – Solidea Low Rise Support Pantyhose - marketed towards women, reviewed by a man.

Italy has produced some of the world’s finest wines, fastest sports cars and most luxurious well made shoes. Well now you can add to that list support pantyhose.
I was cruising the internet looking for support hose to help with my tired, aching legs, I came across the Solidea brand of support wear. Solidea has nine different styles of pantyhose and 3 styles of designer opaque tights. There are also unisex knee high’s and many styles of thigh high hold ups.  They have compression pants for men in three lengths and several for the ladies. There is a line of hosiery designed to reduce cellulite and aloe-Vera treated line of hose to moisturize while you wear them. They have a multitude of customer reviews of all their products on the site as well.  I ordered three different styles that had good customer reviews.  Solidea support pantyhose are sold at  in the United States. Their extensive line of support products are on display there.

I spent some time reading the customer reviews and learning about the different characteristics their many lines and decided to order one each pair from three different lines of pantyhose and I will review the Vanity 70 here.
 Solidea’s Vanity line consists of two weights of low rise styles of sheer hose and one style of low rise opaque tights. I ordered the 70 denier mild support style and used PayPal at the checkout window. I received a receipt email immediately and the next morning another email supplying me with a tracking number and informing me that they had been shipped. Three days after ordering them I received a package from UPS.

 The hose were shipped with care in a white box marked on the side with the Solidea logo and slogan “fashion accessories for a better you”. There were no other clues on the packaging what was contained inside. Carefully opening the box I found three individually packaged pairs of hose cushioned with packing peanuts.
I found the hose to be fully boarded, sheer to waist, except for the wide reinforced area along the flat seamed brief. The toes are reinforced and the feet have anti-stress soles which add just a bit of cushion to the balls of the foot. Vanity 70’s come in 8 colors the color I ordered was Bronze and was very close to the picture on the website. They are composed or 78% nylon 20% spandex and 2% cotton for the crotch gusset.
The Vanity 70 style is labeled mild support and is rated at 12/15 mmHg. The support is graduated and starts at the instep and goes up from there. I was pleased with the level of support in my ankles calves and thighs.  I could even feel my knees being supported which was something I had not felt with support hose before. My butt felt supported and lifted a bit and the gusseted crotch still has ample room for my male anatomy.  The wide waistband is a nice touch and unlike typical “women’s” pantyhose stopped perfectly at my actual waist instead of above my belly button.
Durability of these seems good so far as I have been wearing them for a couple of weeks without a snag or hole yet. The toe seems especially durable and has held up well even against my lower claws. I will review this area in a few months after I have had a chance to wear them out a bit more.
 So how do these hose feel on the legs? One word that comes to mind is spectacular. They sport a nice level of support and the fabric feels very fine like silk. They are very nice to the touch as well. I rate the glide factor on these hose at 10.  Virtually no resistance under long pants especially my uniform Dickies which hang on lesser hose and gradually pull them south. At one point over a long weekend I wore these hose for more than 24 hours and they felt as good at hour 23 as they did at hour 1.
With the low rise, durable fabric and high glide factor, these hose seem like they were made for men. I am not sure how Solidea feels about this but I would consider these their men’s line of support pantyhose. Of course quality like this does not come cheaply. If you order the 70 denier Vanity variety the regular price is $29.95 they are currently marked as being 20% off for $23.95. There is also an opaque firm support variety, in 10 different colors, currently discounted to 31.95 and a 30 denier sheer discounted to $19.95.  Shipping on orders over $39.95 is free. Although they are worth the full price, I recommend you get some before the price goes back up.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Medieval torture rackImage via Wikipedia

Many women now profess a sincere hatred for pantyhose. They have been forced, due to dress codes, to wear for years. So why on Earth would a guy ever want to wear something that a lot of women consider restrictive, hot, itchy and generally uncomfortable garment that has even been equated with medieval torture devices? Many guys simply feel more comfortable wearing pantyhose or tights. They usually wear them as a one piece replacement for socks and underwear. If pantyhose are sized properly there is nothing for men to find uncomfortable in them. Since the development of Comfilon and many other new men's tights or pantyhose brands men now have a variety of styles to choose from. These male focused brands are sized and proportioned for men. Some of these male styles even have a fly opening for convenience of those who prefer a fly.

Some men like to wear hose simply because like the way pantyhose look under close fittings trousers. Since they are a one piece garment there is no visible underwear or sock lines. I like the support in the groin area as much as the support in the legs. Most traditional men's underwear has little to no support in this area. Boxers are fine, as long as I have a pair of tights on underneath.
Athletes have found that wearing compression leg wear helps them with their performance. Athletes from every sport including running, swimming, cycling, football, baseball, basketball, gymnastics, hikers, mountain climbers, aerobics and dance have all discovered the benefits of compression leg wear. If your sport involves leg muscles then performance will be increased using compression.
Just as many men as women suffer from circulatory issues or tired heavy or aching legs and turn to support wear to help with these issues. Men may try support socks at the suggestion of their doctors. Doctors will often prescribe compression stockings for a variety of medical conditions. Some opt for knee high or thigh high but a lot of them just feel that the waist high is easier or more comfortable. I tried some knee length men’s support socks to help with tired heavy feeling legs, but like many others found that I did not like the tight band at the top of my calf. So I switched to waist length hosiery. I can get relief from support pantyhose without going to a medical grade product. I will start posting reviews of the many that I have tried and will continue to try.
Wearing pantyhose or tights as a base layer for activity in cold or hot environments or any activity where you sweat also will benefit the wearer through perspiration removal. Wear beneath cotton or wool and the perspiration will wick, passing through the nylon weave to be absorbed by the top layer leaving you drier and more comfortable. There are many other commercial undergarments made for this purpose. These other garments usually cost between 40 and 75 dollars. The most I have ever paid for tights or hose was less than 30, usually much less.
So how do most guys end up trying pantyhose for the first time? Pre-teen or adolescent young men try on their mom's or sister's pantyhose out of curiosity. Some older guys innocently dressed up as a member of the opposite sex for Halloween or during role playing with friends or lovers. Many as little boys were dressed up by their older sisters for fun. Some of us, me included, were dressed in tights as young boys as was common practice in many communities and had no desire to stop. Bicyclist and runners may try on a pair to keep warm and remain aerodynamic when they train in cooler climates. Hunters and outdoorsmen for years have been stealing their wives or girlfriends pantyhose to keep warm.
However they first tried on a pair, once they pulled them on they had no desire to take them off. The more they wore them, the more they realized how good they felt.
Here is a news flash for you if you are not aware; most of the men that wear pantyhose or tights on a regular or even daily basis are straight. Many of them are conservative even Republican men wear pantyhose. Religion is no barrier for most men to wear either. There is a discussion going on at one blog about what the bible says about men wearing tights. Most of us have simply found that they are a comfortable, practical and helpful garment that just feels nice to have on.

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Monday, November 16, 2009

History of Men's Pantyhose

A man's Renaissance-era costume with tights. I...Image via Wikipedia

Men have been wearing pantyhose for as long as they have been around. In the middle ages only men wore tights as women primarily wore long dresses. This was the rule through the Renaissance, and the early years of America. The showing of a female leg was considered very risque until early in the 20th century. By that time men's clothing had turned to wearing mostly trousers as they blazed a trail west, built railroads and worked in steel mills. The times called for a rugged garment that provided protection. Times were tough and wardrobes limited for men.
Only in the last few years, however, has it become more mainstream. For a long time they wore in secret, in the privacy of their own homes or under long pants. They borrowed from sisters, mothers and wives. They mail ordered them from catalogue companies. What has happened to ignite the fuse to this phenomenon?
The Internet and availability of a discrete source of their own hose has stirred up and brought together men online who previously might have thought they were the only ones. It may have started as a fetish for some but then the more they wore them the more they found them as a comfortable alternative to socks and tightie whiteys. Some found the benefits of compression hosiery too great to not purchase and wear support hose. Some had their doctors recommend supportive socks or stockings for DVT or other arterial issues or diabetes. Some were coaxed by a female friend to try some on either for bedroom fun or to help with their tied leg complaints.
A lot of credit for these otherwise "normal" heterosexual men to start wearing pantyhose on a daily basis goes to Steven Katz of Granville Ohio and G. Lieberman and Sons, Ltd. In 1998 he started researching the demand for such a product and found that there was indeed a market for a men's style of tights or pantyhose. In 1999 he launched ComfiLon's® ACTIVSKIN® Legwear for Men the first made for men brand of sheer nylon tights. Beginning with 2 styles, today they sell 16 or more styles of pantyhose and tights as well as a number of other men's nylon socks and underwear. Now ComfiLon® is the premier men's legwear company which sells legwear and lingerie designed and proportioned strictly for the male form.
The forum Legwear as Unisex Fashion owned and hosted by Don (Draytx) began in early 2001 has also had a major impact of uniting men and a few women who enjoy wearing nylon hosiery for non-fetish reasons. The forum is a resource for men to find out about different aspects of hose wearing. Topics range from reviews of different brands and styles to discussing going out in public wearing pantyhose and shorts. There is a lot of encouraging each other that goes on there as well.
Another pioneer of men's pantyhose advocacy is Geraden. This is a blog by a gentleman from Great Britain, that has been around for several years as well that focuses on Geraden and friends adventures in tights and sheer hose. There are many advice articles and letters written by Geraden and regulars to his forum. This one has been in my favorites for a very long time.
Lately has gotten a lot of press. It seems to have become a go to web site for press to quote. If you haven't been there it is a very nice web site that has some great pictures of men in various styles of men's clothes and pantyhose in everyday settings.
Where will it go from here? Only time will tell. Athletes have discovered the performance enhancing ability of compression and men in tights are seen on the field at many if not most sporting events. Levee, Wolford and Gerbe three of the finest hosiery manufactures in the world have come out with men's lines and many other smaller manufacturers have addressed the men's market. Men in hose have shown up on Paris runways, on the battlefield worn by soldiers in the desert to ward off sand fleas, on truck drivers, firemen, equestrians, scuba divers, construction workers and men in nearly every field imaginable. Mantyhose is being sold in department stores in Great Britain. Who knows what's next. I'd bet there is probably a man in your life that you may or may not know he's wearing pantyhose in your family, office, classroom, job site, or Facebook friends

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